From SACS Principles of Accreditation:

From SACS Principles of Accreditation: 3.2.11 The institution’s chief executive officer has ultimate responsibility for, and exercises appropriate administrative and fiscal control over, the institution’s intercollegiate athletics program. (Control of intercollegiate athletics)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

UAB Faculty Senate Resolution No. 1 demanding full, transparent review of decision to end football, rifle, bowling

This resolution, one of two drafted by the UAB Faculty Senate at its Dec. 9, 2014, regular meeting, will be presented to the entire senate for approval at a January 2015 meeting:

WHEREAS, the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) has established itself as one of Alabama’s fastest growing universities, with enrollment increases in recent years, and

WHEREAS, the recent strategic plan for athletics was not performed in a transparent or comprehensive fashion.

WHEREAS, UAB students have reflected an ever-increasing interest in living on campus, being involved in campus life, and expanding the University’s extra-curricular and athletic offerings, and

WHEREAS, in recent years UAB has made dramatic strides in student life through program and infrastructure improvements including the campus green, enhanced on-campus housing, greater athletic offerings, an advanced student recreation center, and a new student center soon to be completed, and

WHEREAS, UAB’s alumni family have expressed their support for athletic programs, specifically citing football’s ability to unify and provide a catalyst for fellowship among alumni and a greater permanent connection to their alma mater, and

WHEREAS, many University constituencies, including city and county leaders, have expressed their support of UAB Athletics and have offered their assistance in facilitating it, anticipating UAB Athletics’ potential to further enrich area entertainment opportunities and provide economic stimulus, and

WHEREAS, the UAB faculty believes that Athletics plays an important role in achieving the mission of UAB and acknowledges that the Athletic Department and all student athletes contribute to the University in positive ways, and

WHEREAS, the NCAA FAR Handbook denotes the need to involve a faculty viewpoint in the administration of intercollegiate athletics program (pg 9) and further states that the FAR should be a senior advisor to matters related to intercollegiate athletics (pg 19.), and

WHEREAS, the strategic plan for UAB Athletics was implemented without the benefit of input from faculty, students, alumni, or the NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR), and 

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that UAB Faculty fully support NCAA-sanctioned athletics, including football, rifle, and bowling, and all student athletes that participate, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that UAB Faculty request a comprehensive analysis of UAB Athletics that is transparent and includes consideration of campus-wide impact for discontinuation of any athletic program.

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